Which Beach City School Suits Your Teen?

 Sun, sand, and surf are some of the many perks of moving to the Beach Cities.  But when the summer ends, a major priority for homeowners in the South Bay is finding the right school for their children.  If you are looking for homes in the South Bay or homes in the Beach Cities, you have most likely heard of Mira Costa High School (“Costa”) and Redondo Union High School.

 Redondo Union High School is rich with history and culture, and is the oldest high school in the South Bay.  Home to the Seahawks, Redondo Union boasts the largest high school campus in the state of California.  The campus allows for an extensive range of facilities, including two gyms, a swimming pool and a practice golf course.  The area surrounding the school is right in the heart of Redondo Beach, spanning across both a suburban neighborhood area and backing up right against the iconic PCH.  With the diversity of the students as a main priority, Redondo Union truly has something for everyone.

Redondo Union High School's lush football field
Redondo Union High School’s lush football field


Mira Costa High School, home to the Mustangs, is nestled inside of a suburban Manhattan Beach neighborhood.  Famous for its aggressive sports and academics, the fast paced environment of “Costa” High School creates a challenging but rewarding atmosphere.  Like Redondo Union, Costa offers an abundance of sports and extra curricular activities, ranging from the standard Football, Volleyball and Cross-Country to the not-so-common Robotics department and Baton twirling.  Mira Costa is the place for a student who is seeking a well-rounded and accelerated high school career.

Mira Costa's Spacious Auditorium
Mira Costa’s Spacious Auditorium

Naturally, schools in such close proximity to one another tend to be rivals, and there is heated debate as to which school is superior.  Many locals agree that the schools are equally excellent, as they both offer many Advanced Placement Courses and have extensive sports programs.  More concrete academic data can be found here. 

Understanding the zoning for these high schools can be tricky, and not every area of the beach cities allows students to choose between the two.  If you choose to purchase a home in South Redondo, or the 90277 zip code, your children will attend Redondo Union High School.  If you choose to purchase a home in Manhattan Beach, your children will attend Mira Costa.  By purchasing a home in Hermosa Beach, your children will have the option of choosing between the two high schools.  Whether your child ends up a Seahawk or a Mustang, you can have confidence that they will not only receive a superior education, but have privileged and memorable high school experience as a resident of the beach cities.


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