My Favorite Paint Company — Dunn Edwards

Those of you who’ve checked out my bio know that I’ve done a number of “flips” and have helped my clients do some of their own.  I thought that I would start posting some tips here on my blog about some of my favorite tips on inexpensive ideas for going from “fixer to fabulous” .  Turning an ugly duckling into a swan isn’t as hard as some people think — a lot of time it is just imagination.  The other thing that it takes is a good color palette.

Which brings me to the subject of this blog — Dunn Edwards.  My husband is an architect, so all the big paint companies give us the full “color box” of paint samples and fan decks that you “civilians” have to go to the paint stores to see.  What I have noticed from playing with my hubby’s toys is that Dunn Edwards colors are just, well. PRETTIER!  They are more sophisticated, more subtle, more… MORE.  They have more gradations of a shade than most of the other companies and their shades are not so bright and blaring as some of the other companies.  Their color palettes also go very well with each other, leaving you with a way to make your whole home go together well.  They keep up with the latest trends in color style too.

They have excellent paint too — one of my favorites is a washable flat.  Flat paint is great for hiding imperfections in walls, but is usually terrible for a family because they don’t wash well. This paint covers in one coat, is very durable and washable, and can make those “too textured” 70’s walls fade away.

And, they would hate me telling you this, but if you absolutely can’t afford the extra $5 or so a can their excellent quality costs (and I really think you should, because it will cover better and look better), but if your budget just won’t allow it, you can always take the Dunn Edwards color chip to Home Depot and have them match the color!

My very favorite, secret, use it wherever you want color?  Dunn Edwards Pale Beach.  It is a wonderful, warm, wet sand kind of color that just pops with white woodwork.  And it goes with any accessory and furniture color and looks great in daylight, evening, fluorescent light, halogen, incandescent — you name it.

Watch this blog for more “flip tips!!”