Service to our Country

Well, today I was honored in some small way to be a little bit of service to our country.  That’s because I was able to close escrow on a short sale for an Air Force major and his wife who had to sell because he had been transferred…. to Afghanistan.

Not only did he have the stress of going to a war zone and leaving behind his wife and children, but he had this property hanging around his neck like an albatross.  It isn’t like he’ll get reassigned here — he’s already been told that he’s moving to a new area when he gets back from his tour over there.  And his wife … what a saint!  She had to pack up their entire household, relocate to New York state, live in her parents home with four dogs and two small children under 3 years old, while holding down her  full-time job (she telecommutes so was able to keep the same job), and all while handling all the paperwork for the sale via power of attorney.

Short sales really should be called long sales, because there is a LOT of paperwork.  A sometimes seemingly endless demand for financial statements,  proof of income, etc.  I am in awe of my client’s patience and resilience as she negotiated the many requests that we received from the bank.  Let me tell you, military wives are TOUGH!

I am proud that I was able to negotiate a settlement with the bank that even got my clients a small cash sum to help them with their relocation expenses!  This was a difficult escrow as the home had lost almost 50 percent of its value since they purchased it, but I feel really good that I was able to help send these great people onto their next duty station without the financial worry that this home was causing them.

And, hey Major T?  Come home safely!  God Speed!

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