Palos Verdes High One of Nation’s Best

pvhs_logoCongratulations to Palos Verdes High School, which has been named one of the top 50 high schools in the entire United States according to The Daily Beast survey.    Coming in at number 44, PV high was ranked highly due to its very high graduation rate of 99.6% and its college-bound rate of 98.7%, plus the academic rigor indicated by percent of students who take Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes (41.7%).

PV High’s sister school, Peninsula, also ranked in the top 125, coming in at number 121.    On other surveys, these two top schools positioning has been reversed, so I think it is safe to say that the Palos Verdes Unified School District’s high schools are both superb.

The grammar and intermediate schools in the PV Peninsula are also fantastic.

My daughters are both graduates of Palos Verdes High School, so we are thrilled to be part of the Sea Kings family and proud of our school!  Let me know if you would like further info on homes in this fantastic school district!

Private Schools On The Palos Verdes Peninsula

Although the Palos Verdes Unified School District provides some of the best education in the country, not every child fits perfectly into the public school curriculum.  Fortunately, the Palos Verdes area is home to multiple extremely prestigious private schools.  Certain schools, such as Chadwick, provide a complete K-12 education, while others, such as Peninsula Heritage School, only provide an elementary education from grades K-5. If you are looking for homes in Palos Verdes or homes in the South Bay, you will most likely need to do research on the different types of education.

Chadwick School, the oldest and most well known private school in the area, provides non-religious education to children from Kindergarten to High School.  Originally a boarding school, Chadwick has grown to include multiple competitive sports teams and an international campus based in South Korea, as well as a rigorous academic program

Rolling Hills Preparatory School offers only High School education, and focuses upon providing superior college education whilst having fun along the way.  Their mission statement is to keep kids from “burning out” on academics, and they are constantly seeking innovative education methods.

For younger students, Rolling Hills Country Day School provides excellent education for children in grades K-8.  A surefire way to prepare for either public or private high school curriculum, RHCDS has impressive facilities with an excess of computers and a Junior Olympic sized swimming pool.

For those looking for a religious environment, St. John Fisher School provides a K-8 Catholic education, integrating faith into the academic setting.

Peninsula Heritage is a small and established elementary school providing education for children in years K-5.  At Peninsula Heritage, learning is individualized for each child, and the education is just as focused on academic learning as well as character building.

Last but not least,  Peninsula Montessori School provides education in grades K-6, and focuses upon highlighting the individual strengths of each child.

It is up to parents to decide which type of education is right for their child, and it is perfectly acceptable and even common for residents of Palos Verdes to blend both Private and Public Education.  For instance, you might decide that private elementary school is a good way for children to better prepare for public high school.  Conversely, you may want your child in public school for their early years until it is time to buckle down and do college preparatory work.  Regardless of your decision to go public or private, living on the Palos Verdes Peninsula will guarantee that your child will receive a superior education.


Which Palos Verdes High School Fits Your Teen Better?

We are all aware of the views that envelope the suburbs of Palos Verdes, but what about some of the other aspects? High school education as we all know is very important and a necessity for a great beginning for the rest of our children’s life.  If you are looking for homes for sale in Palos Verdes or homes for sale in the South Bay, you have probably heard of or looked at both Palos Verdes High School and Palos Verdes Peninsula High School.  Known around Palos Verdes as P.V. High and Pen, both schools are equally academically exceptional yet both have a unique environment.

Aerial view of Palos Verdes High School

Pen and P.V. fight for the title of the ‘better school’.  You can find all of the data driven comparisons for Peninsula here and for PV here. Academically both schools are considered about equal but there are a couple differences between the two.

Palos Verdes High has the ‘block schedule’ which means that instead of 6-7 classes a day at 50 minutes per class, each day is alternated between an A day and a B day.  Each day has 3 classes at 80 minutes per class, and the classes are alternated every other day.  For a child who takes longer to absorb the information and enjoys having teachers help, this might be a better choice.  The longer class periods give the student time to take notes, understand the concepts being taught and then, if so desired, explained a second time.

View of the amphitheater located in the heart of Peninsula’s campus.

For some kids however, sitting in a classroom longer than a 50 minute lecture seems like a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  Peninsula offers the more common schedule, with 6 classes daily (7 if you want to take a zero period) at 50 minute increments.  This gives students enough time to write down the information, absorb it and do the work at home or wherever they please.

The area surrounding each school is also different.  Peninsula is walking distance from The Peninsula Center, The Avenue, and the Palos Verdes Library.  This means a quick walk to get food or anything you need.  The football stadium also offers a breathtaking view of the South Bay and greater Los Angeles area.

P.V. High is a little bit more secluded which means not as much cross traffic, but not as many options either.  P.V. High’s ‘side of the hill’ boasts its own spectacular view of the ocean, along with cliffs and tide pools a short walk away.  Although the options are not as diverse, there is a Fresh and Easy located right up the street and a mom and pop deli within a 5-minute drive.

As the saying goes “You could be the sweetest peach in the bunch, but there will always be someone who doesn’t like peaches.” Thankfully both these schools are equally as sweet, but just different types of fruit.  All you have to do is chose your favorite.  Best part? You can’t lose 🙂



Let’s Talk About Dwindling Home Inventory in the South Bay!

There is more and more buzz about the fact that property inventory is getting scarce, and the data definitely support that conclusion.  Our first chart shows inventory levels in the three beach cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach over time based on pending sales.  As you can see, it is dropping like a stone, with less than two months worth of  inventory in these cities.  This means that a home put on the market today ON AVERAGE should be in escrow within two months time, no matter the condition, because there is so little out there.  In actuality, what it really means is that anything good is snatched up within days and the badly priced or poorly located or bad condition stuff still lingers like always.  But this DOES indicate a growing “sellers market” in the Beach Cities for homes that are priced correctly in good locations.  If I were a buyer, based on this data, I would put an offer in right away with very good terms if I found my dream home.

The second chart shows the same data for the Palos Verdes cities of Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, and Palos Verdes Peninsula.   Although not quite as dramatic as that of the Beach Cities, it also shows a dropping inventory level to less than three months worth of inventory.  Again, signs of a developing sellers market here, though we have a ways to go.  By digging into the detailed price data, it becomes apparent that it is the lower end that is still selling up in the PV area — the higher priced properties are still staying on the market a little bit, due primarily to the longer commute that PV area offers to most people.

Finally, the last chart I ran shows my favorite “bread and butter investment” city, Lawndale, for the same parameter, but this time for investment property. This is down to an amazing 1.5 months!  This is the reason why my smart investor clients are making offers sight unseen as “subject to inspection”, which means they inspect AFTER they get an accepted offer, since the properties are moving so quickly that they make the offers first and ask questions later!

This is really starting to look like 2012 is the start of a true real estate recovery in the South  Bay!


I’ve joined RE/MAX!

Long time readers of this blog may notice the new logo at the top — as of Friday, I’ve changed brokerages and gone to RE/MAX Execs in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Although I loved my time at South Bay Brokers, Inc., the “boutique” nature of SBBI was that although it was very respected in this area, out of area clients had no idea if I worked for Dewey Cheatham and Howe Real Estate or, as was really the case, a highly respected, top-notch firm.  So I thought “Why not have the best of both?” and have chosen to join a nationally and internationally known real estate company that also is extremely well-respected in the South Bay real estate arena.

My new company has offices for real estate sales in Manhattan Beach, CA (where I’ll be based) as well as Redondo Beach, Torrance/South Bay, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey/Venice, El Segundo, Rancho Palos Verdes including the Miraleste Plaza, the Eastview area of RPV on Western, the Silver Spur office, Palos Verdes Estates in Malaga Cove, and a new office opening in Brentwood — ALL UNDER ONE BROKER AND COMPLETELY COOPERATING WITH EACH OTHER!  This means that I’ll have a much wider pool of “pocket” listings available for my Buyers and my Sellers will have a much larger pool of agents helping to bring in Buyers for their homes.  It also means national and international exposure for clients that may have the perfect “beach pad” or “hillside retreat” so popular with foreign buyers.

Needless to say, I am very excited to have access to the huge pool of training and marketing resources that RE/MAX has, and I’m also looking forward to meeting lots of new colleagues to network with.  I’ve always believed that a successful negotiation requires a collaborative effort to reach a mutually acceptable solution rather than an adversarial one, and having the larger exposure can only be good for me and for my clients.  Wish me luck!

Great new listing in Los Verdes (RPV)

Last week, I saw this home for sale at 6763 Verde Ridge Road in the Los Verdes area of Rancho Palos Verdes and I am really impressed by this home and how much it has to offer. At a price of $1,449,000, this totally remodeled 5 bedroom 4 bath home has so much to offer. It is almost 2800 square feet but feels even larger, with an excellent floorplan. It has a lovely pool as well, overlooking a terrific view. The coffered ceilings in the family room are really not to be missed either — just an example of the attention to detail this home has. This home is perfect for the indoor/outdoor living lifestyle so common up in Palos Verdes.