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Elite circle gives access to listings not on the MLSNever Miss The Perfect Home Again!

Join our Elite Circle of Buyers — with a hot market like we have now, trying to find the best deals on the MLS won’t work for you, as the best deals are sold as “pocket” listings before they even hit the MLS. In Manhattan Beach, for example, 50 percent of homes are selling with multiple offers!  By networking with other Realtors, we keep on top of this “pocket” market and can find homes for you that no one else has heard about yet, giving you a chance to swoop in and make an offer BEFORE the bidding war starts. Here’s your chance to be notified of all new listings that meet your criteria, absolutely FREE! — just complete and submit the form below and become an Elite Circle member.

Simply give me your accurate contact information and then we’ll chat to discuss your needs more in depth and privately, either over the phone or in person at your convenience. Once we know what you are looking for, we will be on the hunt for properties that fit your needs. We’ll also send you some exclusive buyer materials, such as charts of the South Bay areas and their amenities, price ranges, and potentials for things like views, a free MLS map to have at home to make Area searching easier, and other things that might be helpful to you, customized to your needs.

Not only will you be notified by email of all new listings that match your search criteria within our system, but your home search will also be compared against other participating agents’ listings within your desired area(s). All new listings added to the system that match your criteria will be emailed to you.

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